Tompkins Research & Development was originally formed by E. John Tompkins, as Tompkins Research and Management Consulting (TR&MC) in 1986 to provide consulting services to the energy industry. TR&MC was the originator of the NeptuneRTS project and was the Technical partner. TR&MC is affiliate of Boundless Energy LLC who is a Limited Partner of the project.

Click the title Network vs Knotwork to download a copy of the speech by E. John Tompkins, P.E. at the IEEE LESCOPE01 Conference in Halifax, NS Canada on July 13th, 2001.

TR&MC has proven expertise in Project Design; we’ve performed Technical, Engineering, Marine & Bathymetric Analysis, and supervised System Reliability Impact Studies for major Merchant Transmission projects. We are project developers and research & management consultants in engineering, and environmental matters.

We are currently working on or developing several Merchant Transmission projects worldwide.

Topographic & Bathymetric World Map (Credit: Wikipedia)

Energy Related Services

  • Strategic Corporate Planning & Diversification Analysis
  • Project Development
  • Negotiation of Contracts
  • Alternative Energy Research & Development
  • Management Structure & Organizational Development
  • Operations & Efficiency Reviews & Due Diligence
  • Private & Public Utility Matters
  • Utility Power Pooling (Planning, Operations & Billing)
  • Forecasting & Budgeting (Energy, Peak Loads & Power Expenses)
  • Evaluation of Power Supply Options
  • Utility Systems Dispatch & Production Costing Analysis

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Assessment & Analysis
  • Aquatic Plant Ecology
  • Marine Ecosystems Research
  • Aquatic Systems Development
  • Water Quality Improvement
  • Sediment & Erosion Control Planning
  • Natural Resource Inventory
  • Provide Guidance & Design of Plant Screening & Breeding Programs
  • Wildlife Habitat Improvement Plan Development
  • Oversight & Advice to Management on Permit Issues

Legal Services

  • Technical Advice in Legal Options
  • Testifying as an Expert Witness in Federal, State & Local Jurisdictions
  • Representation Before Utility Commissions & Regulatory Boards
  • Drafting Position Papers & Technical Review of Filings & Briefs

TR&MC has worked on a complimentary basis with numerous Client’s Law Firms and Attorneys in several States and various Jurisdictions.

Technology / Software

TR&MC has the expertise to get your software projects on track; providing requirements analysis, planning, documentation, implementation and training across all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle; maximizing the efficiency of your assets while minimizing dependence on individual development resources.

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Fit-for-Purpose Test-Driven Feature Development Strategies
  • Agile/Scrum
  • DevOps: Technology, Infrastructure, Delivery and Support
  • Automated Unit Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Stack & Toolchain Analysis
  • Cross-Platform Native Mobile Development